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hunter71495: hmmmm :)
mickeymouse: Hunter is back.. :P :P :P How have you been
Hunter71495: Hunter never left, just lurking! I have been good though! Not racing much this year. After 5 type 1 trannies i finally bit the bullet when a good deal came up and bought an 091 for cheap :)
Hunter71495: My front end is perfect, rebuilt my frame from the whindshield hoop forward, new chromoly warrior beam with 8 or 10\" shock towers (can\'t rem for the life of me), foddrill stock length arms with 7/8 LP, new 300m 7/8 link pins, foddrill combo spindles, new saco magnum steering rack, 2 new sweet manufacturing steering joints, new steering shaft, new hangers and quick connect, new tie rods and new tire rod ends, full new brake lines and stainless flex at each corner. Took alot of money but man its amazing how good different front end components can make you drive and how it handles! :D Next thing is cutting my rear frame to fit my 091, but before i continue to drop money into the buggy im saving for a truck and selling my mustang so ill just be driving my 91 toyota pickup for awhile. Looking for a newer f150, prolly a 5.0
Hunter71495: I need a real truck and not a 4cyl, never selling my little beater but still need something to pull a trailer, but my generator took a crap so I\'m switching to alt, (need to get one yet, going to need my trans mounts, axles), got a new PCI forced air helmet with a parker pumper, need to get the pumper in but have been waiting for my rear end rebuild
Rock R/R: With building a street rod here you use the vin from the frame you got the front end and rear end from.Emissions standards are simple use a late model W/C engine with all the wiring.I would not drive it with out 4 wheel brakes all the rest is simple .Two switches and 4 head lights for high and low beam.You can buy a universal turn signal kit at any parts store.Be the funnest thing ever
Rock R/R: That was to Beretta 1994
Guest_1699: Need help figure out what cheapest even if junk yard to build a steering system on front buggy. I have hardly any turning and it so dang hard. It time theo
Guest_1699: need help on figuring out how to change out steering syste
Guest_6419: I\'m trying to log in but for some reason I must have deleted my email that helped me activate the account. How can get another activation email?
Guest_6419: my username is kamikaze. Email is Can you resend activation?
Ryan/hunter: Hey guest looking for better steering. are you thinking electroic power steering out a certain car because ive heard of that being done before, also you could run a cavilier rack. many people like them but i hated mine and i snapped mine in half. did you want to go with a manual rack or p/s?
Ryan/hunter: maybe someone could chime in or maybe make a post. not many look down here
mickeymouse: Kamikaze, I resent you login email. Try again and let me know if you have any issues.
Guest_2249: I wonted to go with manual rack pinion for steering . I\'m open to all option that not expensive .
Guest_9311: How do u get the rev limiter off
Guest_4849: Need a little bit more info? What kind of Rev Limiter? They are usually a chip plugged into your ignition box that you can remove or change to a different RPM
Guest_1850: can you please activate my account user name is gavey thanks
Beretta1994: Rock R/R - Thanks for the information. So I would have to have a donor car with a clear title and use the front end and rear on the buggy to make it ODOT legal?
Guest_3565: Got rail rolling chassy for sale seats four text me for more details 800 cash 423-394-3235
Guest_5047: I have been waiting to get activated and haven\'t been yet user name is ColtenS. Did i overlook the activation email by chance?
mickeymouse: Colten, you should be good to go. Try to login and let me know if you have any issues
Guest_9541: Could I get my account activated. Thanks in advance (cumminsman27)
Guest_3713: Could I get activated names joe l thanks, been wanting to join for a while.
mickeymouse: Cumminsman27 - Sorry about that. You registered 2 weeks ago and I missed your request in my email. You should be good to go. Let me know if you have any issues.
mickeymouse: Joe - you are activated as well. But I believe your username is Joe 1. Please let my know if you have any issues
mickeymouse: BTW... In case you did not see the post.. GaHillClimber is selling a ChainDrive Buggy.. :P :) O.O :) :P
rick: Thanks for the laugh mickeymouse
Guest_5571: Now that\'s funny! :D
Joe l: How do I create a thread? Have some questions.
Joe l: Why is it cutting the right side of my posts off? Lol.
mickeymouse: Because your pictures are sized to big and they are pushing the side of the post off the page. You can download a picture resize app if you cannot select a smaller pic size.
Joe l: Ok thanks
Guest_2079: Why can\'t I get activated ??
Guest_2079: why can\'t I get activated ??
Guest_2079: dho45@bellsouth can\'t get activated . Help


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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