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mickeymouse: Kamikaze, I resent you login email. Try again and let me know if you have any issues.
Guest_2249: I wonted to go with manual rack pinion for steering . I\'m open to all option that not expensive .
Guest_9311: How do u get the rev limiter off
Guest_4849: Need a little bit more info? What kind of Rev Limiter? They are usually a chip plugged into your ignition box that you can remove or change to a different RPM
Guest_1850: can you please activate my account user name is gavey thanks
Beretta1994: Rock R/R - Thanks for the information. So I would have to have a donor car with a clear title and use the front end and rear on the buggy to make it ODOT legal?
Guest_3565: Got rail rolling chassy for sale seats four text me for more details 800 cash 423-394-3235
Guest_5047: I have been waiting to get activated and haven\'t been yet user name is ColtenS. Did i overlook the activation email by chance?
mickeymouse: Colten, you should be good to go. Try to login and let me know if you have any issues
Guest_9541: Could I get my account activated. Thanks in advance (cumminsman27)
Guest_3713: Could I get activated names joe l thanks, been wanting to join for a while.
mickeymouse: Cumminsman27 - Sorry about that. You registered 2 weeks ago and I missed your request in my email. You should be good to go. Let me know if you have any issues.
mickeymouse: Joe - you are activated as well. But I believe your username is Joe 1. Please let my know if you have any issues
mickeymouse: BTW... In case you did not see the post.. GaHillClimber is selling a ChainDrive Buggy.. :P :) O.O :) :P
rick: Thanks for the laugh mickeymouse
Guest_5571: Now that\'s funny! :D
Joe l: How do I create a thread? Have some questions.
Joe l: Why is it cutting the right side of my posts off? Lol.
mickeymouse: Because your pictures are sized to big and they are pushing the side of the post off the page. You can download a picture resize app if you cannot select a smaller pic size.
Joe l: Ok thanks
Guest_2079: dho45@bellsouth can\'t get activated . Help
mickeymouse: What username did you request?
2.3turbo: My project
Guest_8877: its been 24 hrs since i have registered but have not been approved by the board yet to post on the forum. how long does this process take? thanks.
Guest_8877: my logi name is xstream
Guest_5743: No response???
Guest_5967: had to re register for some reason....someone here wants this CHAINDRIVE RAIL i got Forsale
Guest_4472: please tell me when i can join this forum. login is xstream
Guest_2743: chaindrive jeff has been trying to register for awhile now with no luck just trying to see what/how needs to be done thanks
Guest_2689: since the moderator isn\'t moderating....I have a BURNS BUILT CHAINDRIVE RAIL For Sale. Located in Louisville Ky. Look for it on CL sometime this week 10/13/14 thx, Chaindrivejeff
Guest_4215: I\'ve been waiting for two months
Guest_4215: Who makes the best dry sump pump
mickeymouse: Been busy with work this week but I approved 4 or 5 users today. Let me know if you are still having issues.
Joe l: Why do I keep getting extension is not allowed when I try to add resized images?
mickeymouse: Joe, that usually means that the resized image is not being saved with a valid file type (ie jpg or gif). When you rename the file, you might need to include or select the file type.
Guest_8829: woooooo


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)

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