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Guest_3760: Sweet thanks...what if anything should definitely bring? I ordered a 4 point harness and a new foot pedal. I should have everything, but never been there sooooo?!?
mickeymouse: Paul.. Look forward to meeting you. If your buggy has everything secured and the frame is safe, you should be good to go.
mickeymouse: .. that is a long haul.. I am going about 450 miles away and I thought I was traveling far..
Guest_5489: This is paul. Thanks and I\'m so excited cause I\'ve only been to the dunes and I can map that place. It\'ll be good to meet new people and new places. I plan on camping. Is there showers? Bathhouse? Gas close by? My dad will be with me and we plan on roughin it? Just how rough is the question? How bout food? Grills? Thanks for all the help. I do feel welcome.
Guest_5489: Oh yeah I really don\'t have carb covers...we won\'t be driving through a Creek or something. I have the outer wears is all.
Guest_4792: Here is the website for Dirty Turtle. They have a bath house and restrooms. I am not sure about food.
diamonddav: paul. plan it like your a caveman, cause you never know!! and by the time you leave you\'ll be a pro at cleaning your idle jets!! trust me we wont leave you hangin anywhere!(literally) I mean in your buggy of course!!! but its gonna be a blast with the woodsbuggy boys. they have a few port o lets , I don\'t think there is a bath house yet... call em and ask!!you don\'t have an account on here yet?
Guest_8802: This is paul...yea I received a email stating I had to wait for approval from an administrator. But yes I did register.
diamonddav: paging dan!
mickeymouse: Sorry about that.. I just approved roughly 20 accounts.... Everyone should be good to go...
mydadsagearhead: I\'m in....thank you. Paul
mydadsagearhead: How do I get my avatar on there?
diamonddav: go to user control panel and click on profile
mydadsagearhead: I believe I make all the right steps select pic out of my phone then hit submit and nothing happens...oh well.
hunter71495: need a set of 930 axles. 16 or 16 1/2. Need asap! Anyonehave anything?
mydadsagearhead: What\'s the forecast on Saturday?
diamonddav: chance of rain, with lots of beer and hills!
mydadsagearhead: So will the event be canceled? 596 miles....just Askin? ??
diamonddav: no cancelling, we commit and stick with it!! makes it interesting when its wet!!
crttr: i need approval from an administrator please
mydadsagearhead: OK great. ....does anyone have carb covers I can buy or borrow for the day?
mickeymouse: Depending on my internet access, I might not be able to approve until I get home on Monday
mydadsagearhead: How\'s your Internet now? I\'m in Louisville
GuyP: Mickey Mouse, Maybe you can help. A few months ago I\'ve changed my email on my profile. Got a message that it needs to be approved be admin, until then I\'m lock out. I\'ve told Giveitagallon and sent admin a pm still no access.
mydadsagearhead: Thanks for the weekend at DTOR. Had a blast!! I didn\'t make a good showing up the hill but enjoyed every minute of it, with all the rain. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I will definitely make more of these races. Thank you.
mickeymouse: GuyP... I will take a look and see what I can do.
mickeymouse: Paul, thanks for coming. It was great to meet you.
Guest_6642: Was my first Woodsbuggy event at the Turtle. Was surprised with the turn out considering the weather! I have registered waiting on approval. My user name will be LSGoat. I don\'t have a woodsbuggy but I support my buddy Chaindrive! We plan to make up the race we missed out on because of a wet ignition. Name is Barry and look forward to seeing this group again!
mickeymouse: I have approved all user requests.. Please let me know if anyone is having issues logging in
mickeymouse: GuyP.. You account looks fine. I show your email address as
mydadsagearhead: Um my main jets were loose on one of my duel 44 idf carb. The threads are pretty scarred. I believe I over tightened them last time I noticed they were loose... rookie mistake. Got any ideas how to fix threads? Helicoil?
mydadsagearhead: Where\'s all the carb guys? What do I do?
mickeymouse: Paul, not a lot of people look down at the chat. You might be better off opening a post in the forum
crttr: still cant log on email :(
mickeymouse: I am sorry but I do not see any user named crttr or an email address You may need to re-register
Guest_4671: any news on memorial day ?


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