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Guest_1502: I have bought some centers for my spindel mount wheels and they are loose. Any suggestions? I bought them from appletree
mickeymouse: Lantana, Sorry about the massive delay. I have been really busy at work and I have not been on here much this month. You should be good to go.
havnot: hey all new guy here but just a quick question I see a lot of guys running dirt track wide 5 aluminum beadlocks does someone make an adaptor for that or should I just go see my local metal guy and have him cut me some
madmike: I have adapters for sale
Guest_3039: hello, I registered yesterday but have not had an approval yet, can you provide an update?
rick: seems its been taking a few days for mickeymouse to get people registered. Hang in there he will get to you!
mickeymouse: I am a slacker... I approved a bunch this morning. Let me know if I missed yours.
Beretta1994: I have an interest in building a buggy to drive on the street. I see quite a few buggies in my area that dont fit the criteria that the ORC states. Does anyone know how to licence a buggy without the \"Self assmebled vehicle\" format? Thanks.
Guest_7854: What is the ORC states?
Beretta1994: Ohio Revised Code, sorry. ORC requires a windshield, wiper, turn signals, hi-lo beams, 4 wheel brakes, harnesses, emission standard
Beretta1994: thanks
Top Fuel Bender: Hey Mickeymouse can approve my request also Top Fuel Bender
mickeymouse: Done. Welcome to the site
Guest_3256: needing info on what wires to use in my ecotec harness or a wiring diagram
Guest_1161: Yes I have just registered And have built many Honda 3.5 Vtech motors and I also build harness for VW to 3.5 conversion I may or may not have quite a bit of useful information and help for fellow builders
Guest_1161: Have lots of pics , solutions , and quite a it of useful Info having done probably 75 engines or more all 3.5 Honda Vtech engines and many flipped intakes
mickeymouse: What name did you register? I want to make sure I approved it.
Guest_2637: been a couple days since I registered, can I get an approval mickeymouse? (scout3351)
mickeymouse: Scout, thanks for letting me know. You should be good to go. Your account has been activated.
scout3351: thanks. glad to have found you guys.
Guest_4033: If I forgot my username and password what to do?
mickeymouse: Send me your email and I will look it up. My email is
mickeymouse: I got your email and sent back your info. Please let me know if you have any issues
Guest_4355: Can I get my account activated Mickey Mouse it\'s ttucker2015
mickeymouse: Tucker, you should be activated now. Let me know if you have any issues logging in.
Ttucker2015: Thank you!
Guest_5887: Rich44 looking to sign up. Got a build I\'m looking for some info on. Thanx guys.
rich44: Hi guys, thanks for accepting me on this site. I have a little problem that i need some advice on. I built myself a buggy and am running a Ford 3L V6 with a 6 rib box. Because of the set up i have hectic angles on my side shafts. Have tried everything, but keep turning them off (universal\'s). So, i am looking at the baby chain setup to sort out the angle. Would a ansi 80 chain setup with a 1,3 : 1 reduction work with what I have got? Any assistance would be appreciated .
mickeymouse: You should start a post to discuss. Most people do not look down here
rich44: Thanks, how?
Guest_3223: I\'m still awaiting my account to be activated it\'s been awhile and I\'ve never received the confirmation email. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
mickeymouse: I try to approve users daily. What user name did you request and I will look for your request.
mickeymouse: Rich, click on forum link, select suspension and click \"new topic\"
Guest_5073: My user name is MrTbrew8
MrTbrew8: Nvm got it...thanks!
mickeymouse: MrTbrew8, you have already been activated. Let me know if you are having issues logging in.


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