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  • ecotec vs 2332 vs 2500
    I have both and I agree with racebugg. I think its going to take a bigger tire to overcome the weight difference. But if I had to choose it will be WC just because of maintenance
    Sent from my SCH-I545L...
  • MadMike's Funco Project
    That's what im talkin about!! lets do it!! by lets I mean I will watch from here and learn
  • Clutch Alignment Tool!
    I got a tool from Small Fry. Hopefully this will do the trick. I appreciate the help.
  • Choccolocco Race Results
    I have not finished calculating the overall scores but here are the Choccolocco scores.
    Class A
    Joe Mordecai - 80
    David Hill - 60
    Scott Smith - 54
    Matt Brasher - 49
    Gary Rose - 47
    Kevin Stephens - 45
  • Beetle wheels
    check wheel and tire section on the samba
  • Rush Off Road. August 15th. Who's Going?
    me n wrong way ray were going to come to rush but were going to check out a new place called blue holler( new to us anyway), down by bowling green
  • Seat belts
    Does anyone no where to buy good harnesses to fit kids I keep seeing junk ones I'm looking for ones for go karts
    Having my kids safe is very important to me and I searched for a while to find a good kid...

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