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  • Durhamtown - Telico
    D I will have an open seat in the back seat. The boy rides shotgun. I am a little concerned about the temp but will see what the forecast is like next week
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  • Ground Clearance
    I thought I was rite but wasn't gonna dispute it, either way now that we figured that one out, wait, what was the question
  • Anybody near Pendleton co. Ky?
    Send me your number and ill come help ya.
  • Aquired one so I got to SELL one
    Love the CD buggys and that red trailer!! Bad A$$ setup for sure. I'd be a buyer on your old one but a few beers in the bar cost me a DUI so now I literally pissed all that away.
    That happen to me last...
  • chaindrive fs
    That's a killer deal!
  • want to buy a offroad buggy which one should i buy please he
    Rocker arms come off pull pushrods out. Put adjustable pushrods tubes in , put back together and adjust valves
    Ok thank you i watched a video on youtube about it, looks easy
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  • 2015 HIll Climb Series
    Cant wait! But I Hope theres a Class For newer Drivers lol!! Im already about ready to leave the Amateur status of Rolling mine! Looks like 2015 Ill go pro At it!! lol!!
    Here are the current thoughts around...
  • archie's new woods buggy scratch build
    I found another descrepency or oh sh-- moment today. The rubber bushings that fit a stock torsion do not fit the fabricated ones.
    on a brighter note the headbar was tacked in place today. bending the...
  • 2015 Hill Climb Series Rules...
    Any good driver in a 2 seater can hang or beat a single in my opinion . Heck I have seen a 4 seater frame put a whoopin on a single before .
    I would consider my car a low b class car but i will run a...
  • Mike's Machine & Fabrication For Sale List
    I'm going to have a set of 3X3 rear trailing arms available late next week if anyone is interested.

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