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  • bige70chevys buggy build
    I got 300 and a sack in my sock!!
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  • What did you do to you buggy today?
    Spun a bearing today guess it's a crank kit now
    fat bottom buggy boyz,and remember,bring your own buggy!!!!!
  • wellsville 10/11
    Good videos!
  • New 40 degree CV Joints....
    I do not believe they have set a price yet but they will not be cheap. The UTV ball spline axles are $1000 each side corner. I believe the buggy axles with the 930 joints will be more.
  • Chain drive frame and arms
  • Engine and Trans for sale
    Yes I do still have the engines
  • Manchester ky ride ..get um ready
    Weekend of November 15th.
  • 2000 Banshee with Mich title
    I just got it Friday, It did not run when I got it. It does now does it run good no. I will not idle, Really I just think it needs ne plugs and the carbs adjusted, It also has the Tors which I also think...
  • Mid engine parts
    UP for grabs is whats left of a project buggy I was going to build. As most of you know who own a buggy and run VW trannies what a POS they are when it come to putting any kind of real horse power to them....
  • Rush, Halloween !!!!
    Ok. Here's my number if you need. It. 423 335 3159

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