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  • What did you do to you buggy today?
  • Rush, Halloween !!!!
    Ready for rush.
  • Body Panel Material?
    What are people using for body panels? I'm looking for something inexpensive and functional. It doesn't have to be pretty, just needs to keep the slop off of me. I'm looking for fender ideas aswell.
  • weatherproofing!
    Also put that filter for the amp up higher than you plan on sinking or you might fill your amp box with water. I have mine mounted by my pcv and fuel tank vents at about head height.
  • Blue holler
    Thanks I may take you up on that.
  • What seat belts do people like????
    here is proof that the cam locks do not release while under pressure.
  • Looking at new frames
    I'm 6'3" with suspension seats, I don't think my seats are as tall as a lot of guys are, but I ordered my stalker +6" and I can wear a motocross helmet without hitting the roof.
  • Windrock Park security sucks
    I wrote this park off my riding list a long time ago anyways
    rules about rules on top of rules
  • Ls1 and 3.1l 6v bell housing?
    The LS and older v8 are nearly the same
    A powerglide or TH350/400 will bolt right up to any LSx motor, except the front wheel drive applications. There is a top center bolt on the LS that's not on the...

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