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  • Race 3 - May 30th at BISCUIT MOUNTAIN
    Hurry up an get back here to Ky....I think I'm a bit more prepared, lol
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  • ecotec vs 2332 vs 2500
    I'm with mouse I have the 3.2 Acura. 265 horsepower 232 ftlb of torque at 3200 RPM. Tons of power a little heavier than an eco but way more power. The supercharged Eco is the ticket. Air cooling is great...
  • Buggy Weight...
    My last two seater was a Warrior clone, it had a 2.2 Subaru and lots of junk along for the ride, 1940#, full of fuel and no one in it.
  • RUSH RIDE 5/23/15
    Thanks again for letting us tag along. Great weekend
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  • Mike's Machine & Fabrication For Sale List
    I've ordered a fresh batch of material, front or rear arms anyone?
  • wallace wv
    Heading down June 21, 2015
  • Welding Machine?
    thanks for all the help guys but i decided to get a new unit form a company named longevity due to the fact that i did not have a lot of money to spend on this unit but this is a very good machine so far...

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