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  • Lets wheel?!?!
    Welcome to the site. My buggy had wife mesh floors in it. I got a big sign and cut it down to fit and bolted it on top of the wire mesh because when your in the woods sticks can come up through it and...
  • Anyone going to this?
    That sounds cool I am gonna try to go check it out
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  • German Super diff?
    I will have more german 091 4 spider diffs this week, are you still looking?
  • Ecotec 2.4 mid travel
    What are you running rebound stack and spring-rate wise?
    The twin rears on ours are both on 185lb springs, and the rebound stack is roughly around a 90/100 stack if it was a standard Fox stack (it's not,...
  • Single Seater New 1835
    Call the bama boys Mickey ,they can show ya how to haul more than 1.... or 2.....or 3.....or 4..... or....etc.....
  • New here looking for advice etc.
    Will do. Putting a new filter and shock on it this weekend. After that I'm putting it in the shop for a new rear cage and adjusting my pedals steering wheel and possibly swapping a new shifter in.
  • Poly Seats
    Locate in okeana, Ohio, west side if cincinnati. 5136737847
  • MadMike's Funco Project
    If I didn't go through all the time and expense to build my rear hubs I might consider them. I still feel that the new bearing housings that I'm using (when I can get them), they allow you to run the equivalent...
  • 3.8l rail?
    Exactly the answer I was looking for, someone whos had the experience. Maybe I'll just look into a ecotec or Subaru motor. Thanks!
  • alabama group at rush
    I tell ya what these boys can climb ! Good job and it was nice talking to all ya guys !

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